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Over 2 million Touch Ups since 1991

Over 2 million Touch Ups since 1991

and we've only just scratched the surface

and we've only just scratched the surface

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Most Common Repairs Cost Less

Most Common Repairs Cost Less

Than Your Insurance Excess

Than Your Insurance Excess

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How Touch Up Guys can help you...

Touch Up Guys Bumper Repair

Bumper Repair

Whether you have a Dented Bumper, a Scraped Bumper, a Scratched Bumper or a Scuffed Bumper, Touch Up Guys specialise in all types of Bumper Repair.

Don’t feel embarrassed or angry over bumper damage! With over 2 decades of experience in bumper repair, you can put your trust in Touch Up Guys.

Touch Up Guys Chips and Scratches

Stone Chips & Scratches

Unsightly and annoying stone chips and scratches can severely detract from the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Whether it be stone chips caused by highway road grime or minor car scratches, Touch Up Guys repair processes can greatly minimise their effect, often to an undetectable level.

Touch Up Guys Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy Wheel Repair

Cosmetic damage to alloy wheels, also known as gutter rash, can easily occur most often from nudging the gutter while parallel parking.

Touch Up Guys’ Alloy Wheel Repair System offers a time convenient onsite repair to alloy wheel damage, returning your alloy wheels to pristine condition.

Touch Up Guys Headlight Repair

Vehicle Enhancements

Touch Up Guys’ offers an extensive array of additional services to enhance your vehicles appearance and appeal.

Buffing & Polishing, Headlight Restoration, Safety Reverse Parking Sensors, Colour Coding, and Paintless Dent Removal are just some of the options offered by Touch Up Guys.

What our customers have to say...

"The availability of this service to cure rock chips, bumper damage and general touch ups at our location has been a tremendous bonus to both ourselves and our customers."


Who Are Touch Up Guys ?

Touch Up Guys are Scottsdale’s Favorite Mobile Paint & Bumper Repair Specialists.

Providing a time-convenient mobile service for over 20 years in Australia, Touch Up Guys are proud to have provided over 2 million services and we’ve only just scratched the surface.

You can trust our team in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Benefits to You?

  • Most common repairs cost less than your Insurance excess.
  • Avoid losing your car for days due to minor paint and bumper repairs.
  • One day service from certified technicians at your home or work.
  • All repairs are guaranteed.
  • Backed by a franchise network of 100 franchise operations worldwide.

Where Are Touch Up Guys ?

Touch Up Guys has over 100 Mobile Franchisees across all states of Australia, in New Zealand and Scottsdale, Arizona.

To find you local Touch Up Guy call us now on:  877.786.8248


Happy with your car insurance company?

The advent of the self sign-up online services from insurance companies for your vehicle is a very convenient option.

However, as with so many different "honeymoon" offers being made it is always encouraged to review and compare in detail, particularly when it comes to the insurance excess and the inclusions/exclusions.

Also it is vital to ensure that all details completed on any sign up forms is correct "letter for letter" with names, (both insured and drivers), garaged addresses and so on, given the ability to come under very close scrutiny on errors should a claim arise.

Do you recommend a particular insurance provider or have a forewarning about any other?
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Happy Aussie Day - #AustraliaDay ... See MoreSee Less

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Dude, where's the Truck?

Recently a Texan business owner was unpleasantly surprised to find his recently traded in Truck used in a propaganda video for ISIS in Syria....complete with company name and his phone number.

Suffice to say after over 1,000 threatening phone calls and social media posts, the owner is suing Ford for not removing the signage as agreed upon trade.

Have you ever found an unusual history accompanying any of your vehicles?
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Uber - Change for good or bad?

Uber is a disruptive company when it comes to the world of private transportation and its impact has been severely felt around the world within the taxi and passenger transportation sectors.

Although initially thought of as a gimmick the company has now pushed governments including state departments here in Australia to alter the legal framework to allow Uber to continue on its growth path. Is this new company a good thing for the long term?

What's your thoughts?
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